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Scott is a nonprofit consultant, specializing in fundraising, business development and grant writing for arts and education organizations. He has worked with dozens of arts, education and community organizations in Los Angeles and New York. He has raised funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, New York Times Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, NY State Council of the Arts, LA City Department of Cultural Affairs, LA County Arts Commission, Jewish Community Foundation, and many others. From 1993-2006, was the Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Project, which presented large-scale outdoor productions, free in parks all over New York City. Over a 12-year period, he grew the budget from $800 to $400,000, with nearly 95% coming from unearned revenue. Scott has served on grant-making panels, including LA City Department of Cultural Affairs, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, New York Times Foundation, NY Foundation for the Arts, Alliance of Resident Theatres/NY, and CEC International. He was also honored to serve on the board of directors for the Alliance of Resident Theatres/NY from 2003 -2005. He currently serves on the board of Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble.

End of the Year Appeals: Mission Statement

Your mission statement is a living document that changes over time. Continue reading

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End of the Year Appeals: Intro Paragraph

The intro paragraph conveys the entire message of your letter. The reader knows who you are, and why you are sending a letter. Continue reading

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It’s autumn. The leaves are changing. Kids are going back to school. Time to start working on your year-end appeals letter. Individuals give most of their donations in December. Nonprofits can get 50%-80% of their income at the end of … Continue reading

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You Are Your Donor’s Sidekick

A short, nifty blog about how to treat your donors. (Hint: You are not a superhero. They are.)  

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How To Get Funded: Advice from a Donor’s Mouth

Ever wonder why some nonprofits get donations year after year, while some languish in the desert of Nodonorland? Here is a good blog from a donor that lays it out: how he and his wife make decisions. This section stood … Continue reading

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Is That Income Unearned or Contributed?

Is That Income Unearned or Contributed? From Shana Ross, the Development Shrink, comes this really good article on the difference between unearned and contributed income. “When you work yourself to the point of exhaustion trying to bring in enough contributions … Continue reading

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Types of Nonprofit Income

I met a new client yesterday. He had an exciting nonprofit theater, about 18 months old. He wanted to know about making a budget. But he didn’t understand the different types of income he should be considering. I know lots of … Continue reading

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Are you committing this taboo with your appeals?

Originally posted on Everything Case (for Support):
Every six weeks or so I get a nasty piece of mail, my visa bill. I don’t like it. Who does? But if the charges on the bill are mine, then they are…

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Thoughts on Writing Your Own Grants

Hope you had a great Fourth of July. I spent a good deal of my time writing a grant proposal. Not for a client. For me. It has been a long time since I wrote a proposal for my own … Continue reading

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Keep Your Royal We on the Donor *tee hee*

KEEP YOUR ROYAL WE ON THE DONOR. That’s what she said.

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