How To Get Funded: Advice from a Donor’s Mouth

Ever wonder why some nonprofits get donations year after year, while some languish in the desert of Nodonorland? Here is a good blog from a donor that lays it out: how he and his wife make decisions.

This section stood out for me. The donors added a new nonprofit to their roster of grantees. Here’s why:

This organization was showing us that they were completely in control, knew exactly what they needed the funds for and how the funds were going to be spent. They were not just asking for money with an implied “trust us, we’ll use it well” promise. They were raising money for a specific purpose (actually about 30 specific purposes, which were detailed). It is very unusual to see a plan in advance, and be able to decide whether it is something we wanted to donate to. We were pleasantly surprised and decided that we did want to contribute.

Read the whole kit and caboodle here.

About Scott Cargle

Scott is a nonprofit consultant, specializing in fundraising, business development and grant writing for arts and education organizations. He has worked with dozens of arts, education and community organizations in Los Angeles and New York. He has raised funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, New York Times Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, NY State Council of the Arts, LA City Department of Cultural Affairs, LA County Arts Commission, Jewish Community Foundation, and many others. From 1993-2006, was the Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Project, which presented large-scale outdoor productions, free in parks all over New York City. Over a 12-year period, he grew the budget from $800 to $400,000, with nearly 95% coming from unearned revenue. Scott has served on grant-making panels, including LA City Department of Cultural Affairs, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, New York Times Foundation, NY Foundation for the Arts, Alliance of Resident Theatres/NY, and CEC International. He was also honored to serve on the board of directors for the Alliance of Resident Theatres/NY from 2003 -2005. He currently serves on the board of Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble.
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